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Itzchak Tarkay is a refreshing anomaly in today's art world, and perhaps it can even be said that his work, which seems to stand outside of the mainstream, nonetheless anticipates the direction of art in the near future. In a world so preoccupied with being politically correct, with dealing with social issues, with making art that is anything but painting, Tarkay holds onto timeless, universal values--to values that have staying power and do not simply ride the tide of fashion. In contrast to the work of so many of his contemporaries, it will be impossible to look back on his work in the twenty-first century and. describe it as dated.

Unlike so many artists working today, Tarkay believes in painting, and he believes in beauty. Aesthetics and human psychology are the forces that drive his art, not vogue. He has no need of video, mixed-media installation or site-specific sculpture, all of which are the rage of such art centers as New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Paris, Cologne, or Milan. Instead he makes art "the old-fashioned way" -- applying paint to canvas, or printer's ink to paper. In other words, he makes the art of the future -- the art that artists invariably come back to, the art that lasts and holds up to the test of time.

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The Hallowed Essence of Painting”

By Victor Forbes & Renee St. John

A modern master, very much alive and very much in the moment, Itzchak Tarkay draws upon the entire realm of art history in a body of work that is not only aesthetically agreeable and compositionally seductive, but a cultural phenomenon responsible for countless love letters, innumerable nights of passion and incalculable furtive glances-the very substance of visual poetry.

As successor to the giants of art history and in popularity, Tarkay’s graceful personal iconography has generated over a hundred million dollars of sales in a decade during which the art market can be generously described as unstable. While the dollar value of art should, in a perfect world, have no bearing on the aesthetic value of creativity, Tarkay’s ubiquitous acceptance by collectors must be noted. What chord does this man strike in the common thread that weaves through our universal consciousness? What note does he hit to get us howling in unison?

What it all boils down to is this: is the art worthy of our attention? Does it inspire? Does it have a light of its own? Or does it reflect a light far greater than that which can be discerned by our all too human eyes?

A man of great imagination and expressive gifts, with a special sensitivity and understanding of this life, Tarkay comprehends the duality inherent in man as one who should not only admire the beauty, but try to understand the sacred depths of this woman as well, thereby, perhaps, coming to terms with his own spirit.

If we can follow the path that Tarkay’s woman takes inside of us, we will find a subtle mystery. It is here to explore if we will just scratch the surface. Let all that you hold onto pass for the moment, and Tarkay’s woman will show you the way. What is the subject in the work of Tarkay? Is it the woman, or is it the shape of her? If we view his images with this thought in mind, the artwork will flow with answers. Not the logical kind of responses, but a primitive visual one. Modern art’s abstracting of reality as we see it owes something to the art of Africa. Tarkay’s work owes something to the early modernists as well. Though he abstracts his settings, he keeps them in line with the natural order of things. The gesture he carves speaks the visual language of nature itself. The shapes that he conjures seem gentle enough on the surface. Feel deeply as you explore Tarkay’s world and another picture becomes evident-a picture of primitive power that etches itself into the memory. And in the memory, all that has gone before remains.

As the prolific and brilliant guitarist Jerry Garcia deemed each note he played to possess its own spirit, so must we consider each mark of Tarkay’s to be imbued with a similar quality. There is life in each brush stroke, a tribute to one man’s quest for peace and beauty. Overall, Tarkay’s compositions appeal to our very hearts because they come from Tarkay’s very heart. How could they not. As he says, “The love for painting runs in my blood.” And nowhere is this love more evident than in the collection of work in which we see the coming of age of an undeniable talent. Though Tarkay prefers to see himself a few steps from the very pinnacle of the art world, if he is not at the height of his powers, he is certainly getting close. If you tell Tarkay he is at the zenith of his profession, he will smilingly tolerate such foolishness, and tell you if that were indeed the case; he would need to travel in two airplanes. The second one for his ego. As you will discover in this collection of his latest paintings and serigraphs, Tarkay as Maestro orchestrates masterpiece after masterpiece. We can only wonder where his next works will take us. In the studio, one on one with his vision, he shows us what he sees in a mode of expression all his own.

As heir to this mantle of artistic superstardom, with all the freedoms and responsibilities such a position entails, there is always a possibility an artist may rest upon his or her laurels. Not Tarkay. As is so clearly established in this volume, he demonstrates, by the sheer force and vibrancy of the art, not just a depth of color reminiscent of the Fauves and a compositional style also explored in the early days of Modernism, but a true understanding of human nature. In his endless panoramic view of the familiar, Tarkay explores new depths of emotion and sensuality. The universally acclaimed sumptuousness of Tarkay’s color and line has now been transferred to his figures, giving extraordinary life and personality to the natural woman, as he so aptly describes her. This persona has become, especially in these incredible paintings of subtlety and magnitude, far greater than the sum of her parts.

While there was a time, earlier in his career, when it seemed that Tarkay was a somewhat casual observer, (if not a stranger) at his own party, in these works it is apparent that he has freed himself from any distance between creator and creation. What is so striking, and what assures Tarkay’s position as an artist of the utmost importance, is that he has translated any emotional barrier into a flurry of emotional involvement. Whereas Lautrec, and in his earlier work, Tarkay, both seemed to assume the roll of invisible spectator-perhaps voyeur-here now, Tarkay strips away any illusion of aloofness with a palate so sensual, so rife with love, that whosoever discovers this world cannot but be touched by the wisdom, knowledge and understanding, coupled with a healthy respect for life, that pervades his art.

Tarkay’s roots as a painter take hold in the decisive years of modern art. The bright colors and flat patterns build on the paths forged by Matisse and the Fauves. Like Picasso, the sculptural grown stronger than the pictoral. He constructs a perspective and then takes it away. The paintings go through an abstract transformation, the perspective dissolves into colors and shapes, her face remains, and the world reconstructs around her. She is the natural woman-satisfied, calm, serene. With closed eyes, her blue eyelids open onto a different world. She is floating.

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